Welding Solutions

ESI Software Product Range

Using the Welding Simulation Solution, you can predict the heat effects of welding processes, allowing cost-effective distortion engineering, and weld quality and residual stress control.

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Weld Quality and Residual Stress Engineering - Process and Product Safety

With simulation-based weld quality and residual stress engineering, you can:

Check if the weld will perform as well as the parent material and will not affect the ability of the parent material to perform as stated in its material specification

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Choose the best possible material

Determine the best possible micro-structure after welding

Evaluate material exposure

Control residual stresses

Minimize tensile stresses to avoid buckling

Distortion Engineering - Product and Process Development

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With simulation-based distortion engineering, you can:

  • Reduce the amount of prototyping and distortion repair work
  • Develop a weld plan
  • Identify distortion directions and magnitude
  • Keep distortion within given tolerances
  • Minimize gap fit up forces
  • Minimize deviation from fixture forces
  • Minimize the amount of weld consumables needed
  • Minimize clamp tooling