Software Products

ESI has the most comprehensive suite of software solutions available covering all aspects of engineering analysis including crash simulation, mechanical systems, stress and dynamics, acoustics, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics.

Solutions are available covering Biomechanics, Casting, Occupant Comfort, Composites & Plastics, Crash, Impact and Safety, Electomagnetics, Fluid Dynamics, Sheet Metal Forming, Multiphysics, NVH & Dynamics, Simulation Systems Integration, Vibro-Acoustics and Welding, Heat Treatment and Assembly.

ESI Software Product Range

    Casting Solutions

  • ProCAST The leading Finite Element solution for casting process simulation.
  • QuikCAST A Fast and Efficient Solution for Casting Process Evaluation.
  • Passenger Comfort Solutions

  • PAM-COMFORT is a Simulation-Based Design solution dedicated to the Virtual Manufacturing and to the Virtual Testing (static and dynamic) of the soft parts of the seat, through chained simulations.
  • Composites & Plastics

  • SYSPLY is an advanced software for designing, analyzing and optimizing composite material structures.
  • PAM-RTM is a cost effective solution to simulate liquid composite molding.
  • PAM-FORM is the first virtual manufacturing solution dedicated to non-metallic forming processes.
  • Crash, Impact and Safety

  • PAM-CRASH The world's most widely used crash simulation software!
  • PAM-SHOCK HVI is a nonlinear Finite Element software package which is used to simulate shock transmission and subsequent transmission responses within materials.
  • PAM-SAFE is an application-specific industrial software solution used to simulate the effects of restraint systems such as seatbelts and airbags, as well as vehicle occupants.
  • Electromagnetic Simulation

  • PAM-CEM Solutions is a software package aimed at performing realistic and predictive ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) simulation.
  • CRIPTE Based on the Electromagnetic Topology principle, the purpose of the CRIPTE software is the analysis of conducted phenomena on Cable Networks.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • CFD-ACE+ Computational Fluid Dynamics & Multiphysics Solutions.
  • PAM-FLOW is an advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology used to simulate unsteady flow phenomena present in a wide variety of industrial and research applications.
  • CFD-CADAlyzer is an integrated CFD solution for virtually all of the leading MCAD products including Pro/E, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Mechanical Desktop and ACIS & Parasolid.
  • Sheet Metal Forming

  • PAM-STAMP 2G is a complete, integrated, scalable and streamlined stamping solution.
  • PAM-TUBE 2G offers accurate tube bending simulation with realistic tool modelling and behaviour.
  • Multi-Physics

  • SYSTUS is an implicit multiphysics simulation code which brings a complete answer to analysis problems in fields as diverse as civil and mechanical engineering, energy and transportation.
  • SYSMAGNA is an electromagnetic simulation software used in the low frequency domain.
  • NVH & Dynamics

  • PAM-MEDYSA 2G is a physics-based software solution used to optimize the design and validate the performance of complex mechanical systems.
  • Simulation Systems Integration

  • PAM-OPT is the solution to optimize and automate costly and time-consuming trial and error design and manufacturing.
  • Visual Environment is an integrated suite of solutions which operate either concurrently or standalone within a common environment.
  • VisualDSS is an End-to-End Decision Support System for CAE.
  • Vdot™ is an Integrated Platform for Project Planning, Execution and Management.


  • VA-One is the ONE simulation environment for vibro-acoustic analysis and design.
  • Welding Solutions

  • Welding Simulation predicts the heat effects of welding processes, allowing cost-effective distortion engineering, and weld quality and residual stress control.